Data Warehouse Home

The SAM II system incorporates a data warehouse component called the SAM II Data Warehouse. The SAM II Data Warehouse is a centralized source of data. It will provide the selected OA and agency staff with a tool for the analysis of SAM II information at both a detailed and summary level.

There are two information access components, They are:

Data Warehouse Front-End (Web Interface)

The Web Based Front-End offers a powerful means of reporting. The Front-End application accesses the same Data Warehouse database as Ad Hoc users, retrieves the data, formats it, and presents it to the Front-End user. This is considered the pretty, point and click, web-based, report generation application.

Data Warehouse Ad Hoc reporting (Financial)
Data Warehouse Ad Hoc reporting (HR/ Payroll)

The Data Warehouse database will support Ad hoc reporting. Agency users may access information directly from the database using an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Reporting or Database tool, such as FOCUS, MS Access, Crystal Reports, or Impromptu. FOCUS users may use the Office of Administration’s EDA gateway to access the SAM II Data Warehouse database. This ability provides a mechanism to fulfill the vast majority of a given agency's internal reporting requirements. Agencies would use Ad hoc reports to perform analyses of information in ways specific to that agency.