SAM II Financial AdHoc Access Reports

Areas of Analysis




There are no Appropriations reports available at this time.

Balance Sheet Accounts (12/09/04)


Balance Sheet Accounts (12/09/04)

Capital Improvements/ Projects (12/17/02)

Capital Improvements/ Projects (12/17/02)

Projects - Outstanding Encumbrance Listing

Projects - Outstanding Encumbrance Reconciliation

Projects - Detail Transaction Listing

Projects - Detail Transaction Reconciliation

Projects - Charges

Projects - Summary of Total Commitments

Cost Allocation


There are no Cost Allocation reports available at this time.

Expenditures (12/17/02)

3-Way Match (Invoice) (No VIQ)

3-Way Match (No RC)

Fixed Assets


EFT Payments

Expense Budgets

There are no Expense Budget reports available at this time.

Federal Aid Management (12/17/02)

Administrative Services Expenditures

Grant Activity Summary Report

Grants - Detail Transactions Listing (PTEX)

Grants - Detail Transactions Reconcillation

Grants - Outstanding Encumbrances Listing

Grants - Outstanding Encumbrances Reconcillation

Grants - Revenue Listing

Grants - Summary of Total Commitments

Fixed Assets

There are no Fixed Assets reports available at this time.

Inter-Agency Billing

There are no Inter-Agency Billing reports available at this time.

Job Costing

There are no Job Costing reports available at this time.

Procurement (12/17/02)

Procurement - Outstanding Pre-Encumbrance Listing

Procurement - Outstanding Encumbrance Listing

Procurement - Outstanding Encumbrance Reconciliation

Open POs Tied to Closed Jobs

Open POs Tied to Closed Projects

Open POs Tied to Closed Grants, 5 Queries

Revenues/ Receivables (12/17/02)

Revenue Listing

Revenue Corporations Listing

Revenue Summary




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