SAM II Financial Security Spreadsheet

The Mobius spreadsheet is used to request an add or delete of Mobius SAM II Financial Reports for a user. Several user ids can be included on one spreadsheet if their accesses are identical. For existing Mobius users, a report marked as 'add' on the spreadsheet will be added to their report list. Reports marked 'delete', will be removed from their current Mobius view.

When setting up a new Mobius user, access to all reports can be established by checking the Mobius box on the SAM II Financial Agency Security Request form (MO 300-1765N). A request to limit access can be indicated by including the Mobius spreadsheet with the security form. Those reports marked as 'add' will be the only reports the new users can view. If the spreadsheet is marked with 'deletes' only, access to all reports except those marked for delete will be granted.