Central Payroll 751-3141, Option 1

  • Paychecks
  • Deductions


Rhonda Kirkweg, 573-751-1663

  • Personnel Actions
  • Employment Status Maintenance Transactions (ESMT)

Carol Rackers, 573-751-2684

  • Positions
  • Status Maintenance Transactions (PSMT, PAMT, PUD*)

Melissa Theis, 573-522-1260
Dustin Parry, 573-522-1258

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Reference Tables (see Table Updates below)
  • Time and Leave
  • Training Tracking

Reference Table Updates

Chris Prater, 573-522-1814

  • Deductions and Benefits

Dustin Parry, 573-522-1258

  • Title and Sub-Titles
  • Locations

Melissa Theis, 522-1260

  • All Other Tables

Runaway Data Warehouse Queries

When running Data Warehouse queries either through the front-end web interface or from the back-end using FOCUS or other query tools if your application times out (browser, FOCUS, etc.) your query may still be running against the mainframe. Using the stop button on your browser, or closing the application will not terminate the mainframe activity. The user should contact OA/Division of Information Services to cancel the mainframe transaction. Please provide the user ID that initiated the query and advise them whether the user was trying to run a front-end query or a back-end query.

During regular work hours contact:

After hours contact:

  • SDC Operations at 573-751-1550 (ask the operator to call the FOCUS/EDA support person)


Interagency Mail

OA-Information Technology Services Division (ITSD)
Harry S Truman Building
Room 280
301 W. High
Jefferson City MO 65101

  • SAM II HR Desktop access
  • HR Data Warehouse access
  • MOBIUS reports access


OA/Information Services, 573-522-1500, Option 2,

  • System availability/performance
  • Desktop upgrades
  • Data Warehouse