SAM II Financial File Layouts

Advantage Ledger Files

Listed below are record layouts for the SAM II Advantage Financial Ledgers. The files are created during nightly or monthly processing and are stored as generation datasets on disk.

Table Name Table Number Description
ABCP 0220 ABC Classification Parameter
ACAT 0004 Activity Category
ACCT 0001 Account Type
ACLS 0005 Activity Class
ACTV 0003 Activity Index
AGCL 0713 Agency Class
AGCT 0714 Agency Category
AGCY 0008 Agency Index
AGFA 0460 Agency Federal Aid Inquiry
AGGP 0715 Agency Group
AGPR 0455 Agency Project Inquiry
AGTP 0716 Agency Type
ALLC 0181 Allocation Group Control Reference
ALLT 0009 Allotment Inquiry
ALOG 0579 Approval Log
APPR 0010 Appropriation Index
APRD 0002 Accounting Period
ATYP 0007 Activity Type
BACC 0011 Balance Sheet Account Index
BANK 0015 Bank Account
BAS2 0813 Basis Code Definition
BBAL 0012 Balance Sheet Account Balance
BCAT 0013 Balance Sheet Category
BCLS 0014 Balance Sheet Class
BDIT 0481 Bid Tracking Information
BDMH 0277 Bid Master Header
BDML 0278 Bid Mast Line
BGRP 0297 Balance Sheet Group
BIDH 0279 Bid Tracking Header
BIDL 0283 Bid Tracking Line
BIDR 0279 Bid Response Input
BILL 0550 Billing Address
BOBC 0806 Budget Object Class
BPCC 0787 Billing Profile Collection Cycle
BPRO 0786 Billing Profile
BUYT 0242 Buyer
CAAT 0566 Cost Allocation Account Type
CADO 0571 Cost Allocation Distribution Options
CHRG 0056 Charge Class
CLDT 0016 Calendar Date
COCL 0406 Commodity Class
COMM 0017 Commodity Index
CSCC 0408 Commodity Sub-Class by Commodity Class
CUSC 0760 Customer Credit History Inquiry
DATE 0160 Date
DDGR 0491 Drawdown Group
DDRQ 0486 Drawdown Request
EFTA 0891 Electronic Funds Transfer Type
EFTT 0890 Electronic Funds Transfer
EXPB 0018 Expense Budget Index